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                     Netherwood Lodge, Muddles Green, East Sussex.

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Chiddingly is a village in the Wealden District of East Sussex, pronounced Chiddingly-lye. The parish is rural and includes a collection of hamlets, the largest being Muddles Green and Thunders Hill. Covering 7 miles of glorious countryside with more than 340 dwellings and over 50 of these having ‘farm’  in the postal address.

Founded on seven hills and being on the A22  it has the tributaries of the River Cuckmere flowing through the north and south of the village.

The village has a Primary School, Village Hall, a very scenic Cricket ground, pubs and lively clubs and societies.

The Parish Church was started in the late 1000’s after the Norman Conquest and the building continued into early 1300’s when the tower was erected, The church is one of those in the area to wear the Pelham Buckle insignia. Inside the church is an enormous alabaster memorial to the Jefferay family from the late 1500’s to Sir John Pelham who was one of the knights who captured the King of France at the battle of Poitiers in 1356

Sir John Jefferay was the Chief Baron of the Exchequer in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I , who died May 23rd 1578. An old local legend is that the family were too proud to touch the ground with their feet, and walked to church stepping on drum shaped cheeses, which are represented by the shapes under the feet of the statues.

Every year for the past 32 the village celebrates with a music and arts festival that spans three weeks during the autumn, all tastes are catered for - music, art, dance, puppetry, theatre, poetry and storytelling. This is a quite amazing festival for such a small village, the festival is an event that makes Chiddingly unique. As always, the festival starts with a full peal of bells from the tower of Chiddingly Village Church which can be heard all around the village.

         Picasso in Chiddingly 1950

(Above) Lee Miller. Photograph of Picasso, Chiddingly, East Sussex, England,

1950 © Lee Miller Archives, England. All rights reserved.